Friday, March 25, 2011

Why Are Food Trucks So Much Fun?

I got to eat from a new food truck for lunch today. It was the first time I saw The Fast Italian and I am so glad I gave it a try. They have great service and I really enjoyed the food. It was also the best deal I've had for lunch in quite a while. For only $5.75 I got a sandwich, potato salad, chips, cookie, water, and a mint. It doesn't look like @theFASTitalian is tweeting much so I hope I can learn how to keep track of the truck's location.

The excitement of trying a new food truck made me wonder why I like food from a truck as much as I do. My theory is it reminds me of getting a childhood thrill from the ice cream truck coming to my neighborhood. What can be more exciting? Somehow in my brain food from a truck taps into that same feeling.

What About Restaurants Without Wheels?

I think it helps me feel special that most of the food truck vendors I run into own the truck. They really do care about my business. I make a real difference to them and they let me know. Some restaurants have employees that do a great job and work hard to earn a nice tip. As good a job as they do it isn't the same feeling as when the restaurant owner stops by your table and checks on you. I think that is part of the food truck experience. At that moment in time when I stand at the window and place my order I am the most important person to the vendor in that truck. Often times it is the same person that takes my order and makes my order and serves my order. There is no passing the buck. Except from my wallet to theirs.

Maybe it is the personal service. Maybe it is a childhood memory. Likely it is a combination of both. Any way you want to look at it I really do think food trucks are fun.


  1. I totally agree.

    I really like what you said about the interaction with the owners and personal service. For example, it made me feel somewhat special to be able to give feedback to the owner of the Klaus' pizza truck (another local vendor) about his pizza.

    And now that it is warm outside, the beautiful weather adds to the experience. It is fun to walk to the food truck, chat with other patrons and enjoy the great food.

    Looking forward to trying out The Fast Italian!

  2. Its definitely a very informative blog thank you so much for the info. The food truck business is a real great thing. I don't see what's bad in great diverse tastes, low cost food and great people. I sure prefer it over any fast food restaurant in the local mall..