Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Papa Murphy's Messed Up My Pizza and You Won't Believe What Happened Next

I tried Papa Murphy's Take 'N' Bake pizza for the first time recently. There is a new location near my home and they mailed coupons. I decided to give them a try and went there with my daughter. We ordered a Chicago-Style Stuffed™ and my daughter asked if we could get it without onions. It seemed like a small sacrifice so, "no onions" was added to the order. We were made aware of a special and added two dessert choices for $5 to our order. I was also able to use a coupon for $2 off the price of our stuffed pizza.

There were several orders ahead of ours and we sat down to wait. It was interesting to watch the pizzas being made and soon I found myself studying their technique. After a few minutes I guessed at which pizza was ours and watched as it was prepared. I decided I must have guessed wrong when the onions were added. Then something incredible happened. The young man making our pizza realized his mistake. What do you think happened next?

I half expected him to try and pick the onions off the pizza. Thankfully that didn't happen. When I saw him go and check with someone else I thought the situation would be explained and maybe I'd get a couple more dollars off. Nope. They called me over and apologized. Not for the onions. They apologized that we would be waiting for them to remake our pizza. It was never a consideration to take the pizza with onions. They immediately set out to make it right. Again apologizing that we had to wait. I was impressed and very happy at the great customer service I received from Papa Murphy's. When our new pizza was finished I went to the counter to pick it up and received another apology. Then as we were leaving we were given a Cheesy Bread because we had to wait. I didn't think we had been waiting long but it looked really yummy so we took it anyway. As we walked to our car I couldn't get over how much food we got for only $15. Baking the pizza at home was fun and everything tasted delicious.

Mistakes Happen

People make mistakes. That is simply a fact of life. How you react after you make a mistake says a lot about a person. How a business treats a customer when a mistake occurs says a lot about the business. I had never been to a Papa Murphy's before this happened. Because they mailed me a coupon they convinced me to give them a try. Because they went out of their way to make me a satisfied customer I will definitely go again.

Papa Murphy's messed up my pizza and then made me a loyal customer by treating me right.

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