Friday, August 28, 2009

Experience: The Blog: Who Matters Most in Social Media? Not You!

It has been said before but I think it is worth saying again, it isn't the quantity (or frequency) that matters it is the quality. I think this post nails the idea that Social Media is a new medium for communication but communication hasn't necessarily changed.
Experience: The Blog: Who Matters Most in Social Media? Not You!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yes it is a weak title for a post but it was all I could write.

Today at work a colleague sent an email to a few people with a link to a blog post about the importance of mobility to social media. Then he went on to express regret that he was emailing the link because he didn't have internal resources that could be used to make the information available to a wider audience in an appropriate manner. It was a perfect example of the opportunity to deploy solutions internally at an organization in order to make information readily available to those who can benefit from it.

When he wrote that he didn't have the tools, all I could answer with was "Yet."

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How to Listen to Your Brand (Presentation)

How to Listen to Your Brand (Presentation)

Check out the post on Mellow Billow to view the presentation.

"Here are some of the highlights:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

All the Way to the Beginning: New iGoogle Social Features

All the Way to the Beginning: New iGoogle Social Features

This is the spark that lead me to create this blog. For the first time I realized the possibility of a passive way to update others. What if you didn't need to post to a social site? What if what you are doing on the Internet just shows up there without you actively posting updates?

I'll be curious to check back in a year and see if this heralded a change in the way social media updates are produced.

Social Media at Work

Social Media at Work means at least three things to me. How do you get social media to work? How do you use social media for work? How can social media be useful at work?

To answer the first questions requires a "how to". The second question is a "what for". And the third one really gets interesting. Is there a way to deploy social media inside the corporate firewall to better enable employees to create solutions to business problems?

I intend for this blog to record my discoveries as I strive to answer the questions I have about social media at work.

What is Webitty? I don't know yet. So far it is a domain name that was available for registration. I'll see where it goes from here.

Ed Tennant