Friday, March 4, 2011

Play Soccer Like A Twelve Year Old Girl

Tomorrow I coach my first soccer game. I have coached before but I wasn't the head coach. I used to help out as an assistant coach. There have been a couple of games when the head coach wasn't available and I filled in. So I have coached other times. Still, tomorrow will be my first game.

The Most Powerful Force In The Universe

I am lucky enough to coach a wonderful group of U13 girls. For the uninitiated that means on a specific date last Summer they were all 12 years old. If you ever want to witness something truly amazing just find a group of a dozen or so 12 year old girls united by a common purpose. They can simultaneously be selfless, fearless, and hilarious. They play to have fun. They aren't weighed down by the problems of the world. In fact, they will likely solve them one day. Mentally and physically they are more mature than boys their age. They run fast. They kick hard. They knock you down if you get in the way. Then they genuinely apologize and help you up. They listen to their referee, coach, teammates, parents, and friends. They text like there is no tomorrow.

I know they will grow up. I know the world will change them.

I hope they always play soccer like a 12 year old girl.

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