Friday, March 11, 2011

Pledge Signed, Debt Crushed

Thanks to Adaptu and Man vs. Debt I have crushed $1,000 of debt. I think I signed the pledge just because I like the way it sounds to crush debt. Had I been asked to pledge to payoff debt or reduce debt it may have gone unheeded. To crush debt, now that sounds more like it.

How I Crushed Debt

I signed the pledge after I discovered Adaptu. I had some questions about the community and the community manager, Jenna, stopped by Webbity and answered them. That was pretty cool. It really inspired me to follow through on my pledge. It just so happens this is the time of year I receive an annual bonus at work. My wife and I decided to use it to pay off the balance on our home equity line of credit.

Now What?

Although I haven't found the time to further explore Adaptu, I intend to. I am looking forward to trying out the financial planning tools available to the community and participating in the discussions.


  1. Yahoo! Congrats on crushing $1,000 of debt! I'd love to see you post a success story on Adaptu's Crush Debt group.

  2. Congratulations to you for eliminating your debt. You had made sound decisions and did not need the help of a loan modification attorney.