Monday, March 21, 2011

The Future is Social and Integrated

I've been waiting for Google to make a big splash in the social space. In fact, the original inspiration for this blog was iGoogle Social Features. What seems to be working for Google isn't the big news items like Wave or Buzz. Google has put several pieces together and until recently I didn't see the whole picture. Then I went to Taco Loco.

While eating lunch I used my Android phone to check in at Taco Loco in Google Latitude. After checking in, Latitude prompted me to review the restaurant in Google HotPot which I did. At the end of the review HotPot asked me if I wanted to post it on Twitter. I thought why not and let HotPot send a tweet. My tweets are picked up by Google Buzz. It wasn't until sometime later that I noticed the tweet contained a link to the Google Places page for Taco Loco.
  • Android
  • Latitude
  • HotPot
  • Twitter
  • Buzz
  • Places
All of the above, except Twitter, are Google projects. Individually I think only Android is a significant game changer. Having seen them work well together firsthand I think Google has found real synergy. The whole is more than the parts. Integration is the secret sauce. By making it easy on me they not only got me to post a review but also broadcast it.


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