Monday, January 10, 2011

Google Search Promotes Google Profile Using Google Buzz

I searched Google for Ed Tennant to check the progress of my SEO experiment. The results were shocking. Out of nowhere my Google profile page ranks higher than this blog. My Google profile isn't even filled out. I don't remember seeing my Google profile page in the previous results. Now it ranks number five.

This is a little frustrating considering I have been trying to increase this site's ranking for my name. The earlier blog post with my name in the title did make it onto the first page of search results. The Webitty home page is strangely absent. So where did this sudden increase in ranking of my Google profile page come from? My theory is Google Buzz. Google Buzz reposts my activity from Twitter, Linkedin, and this blog. Every item begins with my name which is a link to my Google profile page.

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