Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Getting Personal

This blog started as a place to record my discoveries in the area of Social Media. At work I was helping to establish an internal social network. I was a great project. Then it stalled. So the role of community manager that I was looking forward to filling never happened. This blog sat idle for some time. Recently I realized a need to renew my professional networking activities. I hope this site will function as an online view into who I am and what I am about.

There was a time I tried to hide from Google. I didn’t want my business on the web. Every site was a separate profile and disconnected from any other. At some point I came to believe that almost everyone is going to have a web presence whether they want it or not. I set out to feed what I wanted to the Internet. My goal was to provide enough information to satisfy the pre-interview Google search. “Who is this guy and why should we bring him in to talk with us in person?” Now it is likely that when you find me online you see multiple accounts because the LinkedIn profile points to the blog that links to Twitter that refers to this site.

What I haven’t added is the personal side. I’m not on Facebook. Imagine that. I may join one day but I may not. So how do you know what football team I like? Heck, when I say football do I mean the game played with a round ball or a pointy one? So this site is going to become less worried about professional appearances and more willing to express personal opinions.

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