Friday, February 25, 2011

I Am Number Four

I saw that Google has revised their search algorithm in an effort to decrease the significance of content farms. I didn't expect this to have much, if any, impact on my quest to be the number one Ed Tennant but I checked anyway. I don't credit it to the algorithm change but I have moved up a spot. This site is now the fourth search result for ed tennant. It seems like I was stuck at number five for a long time but it has only been two months since the experiment started.

In two months I have been able to move from nowhere to number four in Google search results for the keyword ed tennant. Considering there is very little competition for this keyword my results may not be that great. I feel good about it because I am not an SEO expert. If I used a URL containing the keyword I expect it would be a fast rise to number one. Since that isn't always a possibility I want to rank for a keyword without it in the URL.

How I Did It

All of the things I have done to impact search results are quite simple and zero cost. I updated all of the web pages to include the keyword by adding it to the content in the page header used throughout the site. I added the keyword to the page titles throughout the site. I added the keyword to the description used on every page. Having every page description be the same is not a good solution. I need to continue to look into other possibilities for that piece of metadata. The biggest change is making comments on other sites and linking them to with the link text Ed Tennant.

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